Jindal, Liberal Think Tank Promote School Choice ‘Consensus’

heartlandUh-oh…Brookings is on board…I think we can start talking about “inevitability.” From from the Heartland Institute:

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal took the stage at a center-left think tank to promote school choice and competition as a bipartisan, “consensus issue.”

“Equal opportunity in education should not be a conservative or liberal position; it should be an American position,” said Jindal, who chairs the Republican Governors Association. Since Republicans lost key November elections, Jindal has stepped forward as a party leader and is frequently named a 2016 presidential contender.


“I hope what we did in Louisiana can be done across the country,” Jindal said.

Brookings education director Grover Whitehurst introduced and seconded Jindal’s bold support for giving parents the keys to their children’s education.

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