Joe Bast’s advice for Bill Brady

Who is Joe Bast? He’s the president of the nation’s premier state issues think tank—the Heartland Institute. Regular readers of this website know we’re big fans of the work of Heartland. In light of the political infamy of Chicago, Cook County and now the state of Illinois government, it’s more than a little ironic that the Heartland Institute is based in Chicago.

Who is Bill Brady? A lot of people don’t know yet that state Senator Bill Brady is the Republican candidate for governor in Illinois. Many of those who do know that are not sure yet what to think of him—and for good reason.

If Bill was to take Joe’s advice, it’s my view that independent voters in Illinois will break his way in a big way come election day. Bill Brady is already leading in the polls, but a lot can happen with ninety days to go.

No doubt Bill is getting a lot of advice—all candidates do. What matters is who Mr. Brady decides to listen to. I sense that some of those close to him are fearful of his conservative voting record and stance on key issues. These particular advisers want him to be a smiling face with a bland and vague platform lest he offend the taxeating mob.

What those fearful advisors don’t realize is that the taxpayers are still potentially a bigger mob than the taxeaters.

I’d like to see Bill Brady take to heart an excellent article written by Joe Bast which is posted here on the Heartland Institute website. It’s titled “Building a Better Business Climate.”

We all want that, don’t we? Jobs, right? Economic growth, right? Revenue, right?

My personal sense is that despite any of Bill Brady’s past or present failings, in his heart he knows Joe Bast is right.

As voters and active citizens, what should we be asking elected officials to do in order to restore prosperity to our nation and to our particular cities and states? I recently reviewed an extensive body of research on business climates—the panoply of government policies that aid or hinder economic growth – for a new installment in Heartland’s Legislative Principles series. Here is what I found.

Here is the list—but click here to read what follows each.

1. Keep total tax burden low.

2. Keep taxes on businesses low.

3. Avoid corporate welfare.

4. Remove privileges enjoyed by labor unions.

5. Lower minimum wages.

6. Reduce workers’ compensation costs.

7. Keep housing affordable.

8. Reduce the burden of regulations.
9. Discourage lawsuit abuse.

10. Attract members of the creative class.

Here is Joe Bast’s conclusion:

These ten policies are backed by extensive research and common sense. Policymakers who are sincere about creating jobs and ending economic suffering can make a real difference by adopting them as their agenda.

Hey, Bill, cut and past Joe’s entire article and post it on your campaign website under “How Governor Bill Brady will build a better business climate.” I don’t think Joe Bast will mind.