Join the American Counterinsurgency

Why a “Counterinsurgency”?

If you’re of the opinion that our nation has drifted from its founding principles, you’re not alone. There is an enlightenment underway – a growing number of Americans are realizing that a liberal/progressive ideological “insurgency” has pulled this great country off course. And in record numbers, concerned Americans are standing up to help pull our nation back from the brink.

The energy is everywhere. It’s manifesting in the tea party (taxed enough already) movement, the 9/12 Project, and through rebellious Republicans speaking out loudly about the need to bring the once “Grand Old Party” back to its Platform principles.

Your help is needed – whether you work through the Republican Party itself, the tea party, or the 9/12 or other Patriot organizations. There is much to be done. The days of Americans delegating to others the responsibilities of self-government are over. We need a political reformation in this culture where more Americans stand up and refuse to be just citizens in name only.

The need for Action

There are many ways to engage. On this page we’re providing just a few links to GOP and conservative resources – as well as to information helpful for those new to politics. The learning never stops – whether it’s building a new organization, re-energizing an existing one, or keeping up to date on the issus of the day – this page can help point visitors in the right direction. The web has so much information – Americans with a computer and Internet access can no longer use ignorance as an excuse.

What must be done? House by house, neighborhood by neighborhood, politically right thinking Americans must “clear, hold, and build” much like our brave American soldiers have done in Iraq and are doing in Afghanistan. While the battle there is violent, ours is a non-violent movement to take back the country by winning hearts and minds.

The problem now is that too often local GOP meetings waste too much time following “Robert’s Rules of Order” and forgets to discuss how the organization is actually reaching the community. Too often tea party and 9/12 events are dependent upon press coverage – when more time should be spent going door to door with the message of reform and restoration.