How Journalism Turns Into Propaganda

Propaganda indeed. Two articles from American Thinker — first, Thomas Lifson:

NPR ombudsman: No more live interviews with conservatives

The taxpayer-supported network National Public Radio (NPR) won’t be having interviews with conservatives live on the air anymore.  After all, it is dangerous to afford them an opportunity to express themselves fully, without the benefit of NPR “contextualizing” their views and placating its left-wing listeners.

When your opponent is smarter than you are, cut him off, supply contrary views, and control the output so your own politics look better.

Breitbart News supplies its own context for the NPR move toward control:

National Public Radio ombudsman/public editor Elizabeth Jensen has recommended that the taxpayer-funded radio news service bar future live interviews of conservatives who may have controversial views, following an interview Nov. 16 with Breitbart News’ Joel B. Pollak.

Pollak, who serves as Breitbart’s Senior Editor-at-Large and In-house Counsel, defended its Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon from false and defamatory claims of antisemitism and “white nationalism.” He also turned the tables, pointing out that NPR has “racist programming,” including a story that called the 2016 election results “nostalgia for a whiter America.”

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Next up, Stella Morabito:

How Journalism Turns Into Propaganda
Real journalism is dangerous for elites, which is why we have so little of it.

[I]t’s high time we analyze more closely the relationship between the media and power elites. To do that, we need to look at how and why elites conscript journalists, and why journalists can’t resist the bait. The enticements come as access, privilege, prestige, fame, influence, and very high salaries for those in the limelight.

Not all mainstream journalists are fallen, but those who resist bias tend not to be household names. For example, I highly recommend this superb post-mortem on the election by Will Rahn of CBS News. It is more introspective and insightful than anything else I’ve seen. In the end, we should remember that journalists’ weaknesses are simply human weaknesses. There are several reasons their level of prejudice has risen so high. But prime among them is how much our society has come to de-value the old ideals of virtue and honor.

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