Just 5 Examples: Lives Wrecked By Obamacare

Townhall jpgFrom John Hawkins at Townhall.com:

Liberals support cruel policies that decimate people’s lives; yet they like to think of themselves as compassionate and kind. So, they judge programs based on the good intentions they claim to have had, not the actual results.

Liberals started out by telling everyone that, “If you like your plan, you can keep your plan.” They said, “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.” They said it would “save the average family $2,500 on its premiums.”

It sounds great, right? In fact, if all of the wonderful liberal promises about health care had been true, conservatives would have supported Obamacare.

However, we knew they were liars. Now everyone else knows it, too, even liberals.

How did liberals react to finding out that conservatives were right all along, that they misled the American people and that the policies they advocated are hurting tens of millions of Americans?

Certainly not by admitting they were wrong or calling for the repeal of the law.

Instead, they’ve claimed that Americans who say Obamacare has hurt them are “lying” while simultaneously saying that it’s a good thing that people lost their “crappy” plans because now they’re getting “better” plans.

Of course, that’s completely contradictory and illogical, but if liberals were logical people, they wouldn’t be liberals.

Conservatives take a different view.

We believe Americans should be able to keep their old plans and keep their doctors. We want to put one of the many market-based plans suggested by Republicans in place to give people more choices and lower costs. If we take the White House in 2016, then we should kill Obamacare, grandfather in the people who already have plans and do exactly that.

In the interim though, there are a lot of good Americans suffering because of Obamacare. Here are some of their stories…

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