K-12: Parent X Takes On Principal Zero

Bruce Deitrick Price is one of the best writers on the topic of education — here is one of his latest articles:

As you study the decline of our public schools and see the tsunami of sophistry and deceit, you start to wonder: who promotes all this stuff? Who defends it? No normal person would want our public schools to be increasingly mediocre. What’s going on?

It’s not easy when you’re on the outside to answer these questions. You can see the dysfunctional theories and methods operating in public schools. But the people responsible for the quackery are not likely to claim credit.  Sure, they may brag to each other. But the public in general is thought to be ignorant rubes who are not entitled to know very much.  (The public is probably regarded as The Enemy.)

So I was delighted when a mother wrote to me about her experiences with a local school.  Long story short, she irritated the principal so much that the principal actually told the truth.

Parent X wrote:

My oldest daughter attended private school K-8. Next, she attended what was supposed to be the “best” public high school in the area. I thought grades 9-10 were marginal at best. Then a new principal was assigned with a Ph.D. in education.  And things got worse!

In grades 11-12, I had at least ten parent-teacher conferences about substandard academic performance – of the teachers. Except for one dedicated AP English teacher, they didn’t know their subjects, and they didn’t care.

My complaints were elevated to the new principal. I met with him at least seven times; several times I was accompanied by a member of the school board.

Finally the principal, aggravated and arrogant, told me schools no longer believe in academic excellence because demanding subjects no longer appeal to the mainstream student or to his parents.

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