Labor unions spend four times as much as previously thought on politics


Labor unions have long been required to disclose their expenditures on federal elections to the FEC; data disclosing union spending on local elections, however, is not required by the FEC. To unearth local union political expenditures, the Wall Street Journal analyzed data from the Labor Department that includes information on unions’ participation in local elections. The result is that total labor union spending on politics is four times as high as previously estimated… Read the entire post

So what’s the Republican answer to this? Give a billion dollars to Karl Rove, the “architect” of the very things that led to the Barack Obama presidency.

Folks, if this country is going to right itself, big money people had better start eating more protein so their brains will start functioning properly. As of now, there’s little sign that those with the resources to recruit and elect the right people, as well as move public opinion effectively have a clue about what to do.

Too many rich Republicans think Karl Rove is the answer. I have no idea what the question is if Rove is the answer. If you liked how he orchestrated the actions of the George W. Bush Administration, get ready for more failure.

A billion dollars of TV ad buys makes people like Rove very rich, and the pathetic state of American public opinion and the Republican Party stays the same.