Laissez Faire Marriage?

Wedding RingsThe above title is from Steve Deace’s article excerpted below. On the same topic — highly recommended — are these three articles from Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse:

Privatizing Marriage Is Impossible

Privatizing Marriage Will Expand the Role of the State

Privatizing Marriage Is Unjust to Children

Here’s how Steve Deace opens his article:

There are three kinds of people nowadays advocating the state get out of the marriage business altogether.

One group is just using this terminology to camouflage the fact they’re really pro-homosexuality, and they just don’t want the conservatarian crowd they’ve aligned themselves with to know it for whatever reason.

The next group is made up of politicians more concerned about earning the approval of the secular/liberal media than they are their own voters, so this is their attempt to punt rather than fight. They clumsily adopt this position with tortured statements that make them look like they’ve never seriously thought about the purpose behind the oldest institution of God’s created order. While attempting to be wise they come across as fools on this issue.

The third and final group is people who genuinely want to see the power of the state over our lives, liberty, and pursuit of happiness put back within its original Constitutional limits. It is to this third group that today’s morning briefing is written, because the first group is frauds and the second group is gutless. Thus, rather than casting pearls unto swine, I prefer to spend my time speaking to those who are honest and critical thinkers.

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