Land of Confusion

SteveDeaceAn excellent post from Steve Deace:

There is an x-factor in America’s so-called culture war that I don’t believe either side fully understands. That is because both sides are looking at their conflict through primarily a political lens. The deeper conflict is a clash of worldviews—with one worldview in particular dominating the arena of ideas in the American mainstream.

That worldview is post-modernism.

Because of post-modernism, we on the Right recognize that mainstream America is the most hostile to moral absolutes, chains of command, and objective truth than it has ever been before. But what the Left fails to recognize is that is true to the post-modernist regardless of which side is peddling their wares.

Post-modernism was originally introduced into the American mainstream by progressives seeking a philosophy capable of tearing down cultural institutions that embraced traditional Americana. But once unleashed on a society, post-modernism is like an airborne contagion that cannot be contained. Using post-modernism as a weapon in a culture war is like enlisting a swarm of locusts. Once the locusts devour the target the insatiable swarm then becomes intent on devouring whatever is left, even if what’s left is who originally set it loose.


Classical liberals believe in the twin pillars of Western Civilization post-Protestant Reformation: individual liberty and Judeo-Christian morality. On the other hand, classical liberals are also hesitant to empower any institution to impose or enforce that liberty and morality out of fear of setting a precedent that can be used against them one day if the bad guys get control of those institutions. This is exactly what’s happening now as progressives infiltrate institutions like the Boy Scouts of America and the military and turn them against us.

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