The Land of Perversion and Dead Babies Goes Self Righteous on Trump

The techno-twinkled brains of the millennial minions are turning to mush while listening daily to the blather of our pundits, pollsters and political prognosticators, all while panting after Hillary.

Perhaps it’s time we listened to our prophets.

At the very least we should be listening to our wise men and those who remember the path of all the nations that have passed before us, rising and falling – without a clue.

The most humble of them are trying to pull us away from the clash of personalities to ponder the results of our mindless path. It is men like Tony Perkins who in an article entitled, “Trump or Hillary? A Choice with Life and Death Consequences” is calling us to see that we are approaching the demise of our nation not just the end of a colorful years long political side show.

Perkins says, “While conservatives don’t always share the same personal values as Donald Trump, we share many of the same concerns about the direction of our country. We share the same concerns about life, religious liberty, educational choice, control over health care, and a Supreme Court that will respect the Constitution. The choice could not be clearer.”

In America we have only to turn on our cable televisions to see a plethora of choices and endless varieties of sleaze. Porn, filthy sit-coms, perverted shows about homicidal pastors and foolish comedy without a shred of moral fiber to be found with a microscope.

We are currently under an anti-constitutional, law breaking administration and we are seriously thinking of electing another long time law breaker to occupy the oval office.

Is it time to start labeling the progressives by what they do and not what they say, if so, should we not call them – regressives?

Men marrying men and celebrating their perversion with pink speedos, nudity and gyrating displays mimicking sexual acts in a pride parade, on the one hand – and 56 million potentially wonderful people aborted and lying bloodied and discarded like so much waste at the meat packing plant, plopped into sterile buckets – on the other hand. And Donald’s language has made us all indignant? Can you spell hypocrisy – can you smell hypocrisy?

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