Larry Tomczak: Obama Proclaims June ‘LGBT Pride Month’! (Video)

Nary a day goes by without Obama doing something more egregious and shameful. He promised us “fundamental transformation,” but little did we know he intended the transformation to be depraved and absolutely unbiblical.

Larry Tomczak, cultural commentator of 43 years and Liberty Counsel public policy advisor, critiques the President’s latest proclamation, and it’s bad. Really bad.

Christians across this nation should decry the decree: President Obama is setting himself up as The Most High and lifting up sin and perversion.

Watch the video and share this everywhere:

President Obama has declared — and literally given a proclamation — saying that June is “Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Pride Month.”

He ends his proclamation by saying, “It’s a time for waving banners and marches and flags…” It’s like one massive celebration.

You know Isaiah chapter 3 and verse 9 talks about this sin and this area and says that, “They parade their sin like Sodom. They’re not ashamed…Woe to them…”

The look on their faces testifies against them;
they parade their sin like Sodom;
they do not hide it.
Woe to them!
They have brought disaster upon themselves.

We’re celebrating something that God says is unnatural.

And you know…our Founding Fathers…and he refers to the beginning of our nation, we’re going to somehow pursue a path to a more perfect union. That’s what Obama refers to.

George Washington had a parade, but it was to drive a man involved in sodomy out of the camp. 

And Thomas Jefferson in Virginia, literally said that we should castrate a man if he’s involved in this. It was very serious.

Well, in the proclamation President Obama’s referring to a number of things. Three things he said…now what is he saying?

  1. He’s talking somehow we should provide some kind of affordable, welcoming housing for aging gays. What is he talking about? More entitlements?
  2. He says we’ve got to stop any conversion therapy with young people. If a young person is getting involved in homosexuality, it’s okay to encourage them, we’re being told. But hey, if they want to get out? No, we can’t tell them they can be released or delivered.
  3. He talks about HIV/AIDS strategy and it’s like again…it’s money and education. 

You know what?

You know where HIV and AIDS comes from. Think of it. When I was in high school if somebody said they got mono, you didn’t kiss that person because it was called the kissing disease. It was passed through saliva.

Well, promiscuity is the primary cause of AIDS/HIV. 

So, if we’re going to be on track, let’s be honest and let’s be sure we’re compassionate, but we’re not being fooled by an individual or people touting this as a parade and a celebration month.

It’s serious. It’s against the laws of God.