Laughable ‘gay’ marriage clichés

Rings3From Steve Deace:

If you’ve been paying attention to the left’s side of the discussion on the marriage debate, it’s obvious this issue brings out a whole new stupid in some people.

That’s probably because there are no good reasons for redefining marriage. Not even good emotional reasons. I can come up with good emotional reasons for a welfare state. Granted, I don’t agree with them, but I can come up with them. But the argument for redefining marriage basically comes down to “because I wanna.” So when the basis of your argument emulates a child throwing a tantrum at Wal-Mart, you tend to come off as childish.

Last week I witnessed a lot of childish clichés from the left that are so easily debunked, they’re actually a better argument for shutting down America’s government school system before it finishes off whatever is left of critical thinking in this country.Cliché No. 1 – Where does the government get off telling two consenting adults they can’t love one another?

Actually, the government tells consenting adults they can’t love each other all the time – like when they’re brother and sister. Still, the last I checked no one is currently sitting in jail for being in a consensual homosexual relationship. If you’re currently in a consensual homosexual relationship, have you personally witnessed any black helicopters peering into your bedroom? If so, your supplier got you a bad stash.

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