Lawmakers Must Explain Themselves–Using Logic

As usual, Laurie Higgins sums it up in an easy to understand manner. From the Illinois Family Institute’s website:

Lawmakers who support the legal recognition of same-sex unions as “marriages” should be embarrassed by the intellectual vacuity of the arguments they and homosexual activists use to defend this radical redefinition of marriage. And the sycophantic media, in the tank for all things homosexual, that facilitate the use of irrational arguments to destroy marriage should be equally embarrassed. But unfortunately, it takes integrity and a commitment to logic to feel embarrassed by these intellectual and ethical lapses.

Before any lawmaker votes in favor of eliminating sexual complementarity from the legal definition of marriage, they should read the article “Same-Sex Marriage Makes Liberal Judges Irrational” by Matthew Franck. The irrational non-arguments that irrational ideologue-judges use are the same irrational non-arguments that lawmakers and homosexual activists use (though judges are often more skillful at elaborate, convoluted sophistry than are our lawmakers and activists).

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