The Left Closes Ranks to Protect the Great Charlottesville Whitewash

The Left’s ability to whitewash Charlottesville is yet another massive example of conservatives’ failure in the information war. If the Right was fighting the information war as it should, the Leftists wouldn’t be able to whitewash it.

Here is Mark J. Fitzgibbons writing at American Thinker:

The violence in Charlottesville on August 12 has been used to promote the left’s box of political chocolates: Republicans are addicted to racism. President Trump’s ending the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals “on the heels of Charlottesville . . . is [a] signal[] to champions of hate and bigotry that their voices matter most.”  It is cause to end President Trump’s voter fraud commission. Defund the Jefferson Memorial. Ban open carry of firearms. Attack free speech. Redouble Linda Sarsour’s Women’s March activism. Rename New York’s Trump Park.

Charlottesville became a rallying cry for Democrats and social justice warriors. This helps explain the false narrative about Charlottesville promoted by the liberal news media.

At his August 22 rally in Phoenix, President Trump did his best (and funniest) New York, street-talking, blue collar verbal dismembering of the increasingly of out-of-touch, ideologically blinded elitists in the liberal news media. He lambasted the “fake news” reporting about his comments that “both sides” were responsible for violence in Charlottesville earlier that month.

Trump knew Americans outside the liberal political establishment bubble would understand exactly what he was saying as he goaded the hopelessly deranged and dishonest liberal news media.

The liberal news media took the bait and fell hard over that speech. CNN’s Don Lemon seemed to fight back a fit of weepish emotions by first insisting Trump’s criticisms of the press had nothing to do with Lemon’s upcoming smug and melodramatic response about an “unhinged” president. CNN’s Eric Bradner, pushing the narrative that Trump is mentally unstable, called the speech “a 77-minute presidential therapy session in front of thousands of supporters.”

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