A Leftist Core Belief: Denying Evil

Tom Trinko is correct — Leftists do deny evil — it’s so easy to spot. The why of it is interesting. Here is Trinko writing at American Thinker:

A fundamental problem with leftists is their refusal to believe that some people embrace evil.

The leftist idea that anyone who isn’t directly opposing the left can’t be evil, only misguided, underlies many key leftist policies.

Take gun control. It’s premised on the idea that people don’t kill people; guns do. But we know that removing guns does not stop evil men from murder; contrary to the leftist’s deeply held belief, Cain didn’t murder Abel with an assault rifle…

Because leftists reject the idea that there are evil men, they refuse to admit that the best way to stop an evil man with a gun is a good man with a gun. In the leftist’s universe, all men become equally bad once you put a gun in their hands. Because leftism is a faith-based but God-rejecting belief system, it doesn’t matter to leftists that gun control has been tried and has failed. Facts will not stand in the way of leftists’ emotional belief.

Obama’s “rapprochement” with Iran was based on the idea that a terrorist-funding, theocratic, fascist state could be turned toward the Golden Rule just by showing its rulers how much Obama cared about them. Obama’s reasoning was like that used by Neville Chamberlain about Hitler – he was a reasonable man whom Chamberlain could deal with.

Because leftists don’t believe that the mad mullahs who run Iran, as opposed to the average Iranian, are evil, they can’t see that those mullahs have to be treated with carrots and sticks because they will not do what is right unless they fear the consequences of doing what is wrong.

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Image credit: www.americanthinker.com.