Leftists Hate ‘Joker’ Because Joker Is The Left

By Andrew Klavan:

No matter how you feel about the movie’s protagonist, the one thing Joker is not is a Trump voter. He’s a leftist: a self-pitying victim; a hater of the rich; a man who takes no responsibility for his own actions but instead blames the unfairness of society. In fact, all in all, the movie is a thoroughly justifiable satire of leftist talking points. It is not — like the excellent Dark Knight trilogy — a philosophical kick in the groin to leftism in general. But it does hold the mirror up to leftist culture — and the image in the glass is not pretty…

No wonder the leftist critics feared this film. It’s a reminder of who leftists are and what they do when you give them power. You can watch it and know everything you need to know about them — and it’s cheaper and safer than a trip to San Francisco.

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