The Left’s Retreat into Fantasy

Here is Taylor Lewis writing last week about the arena of liberal fantasy:

The Left, it seems, has lost its grip on reality, and is dead-set on creating its own actuality. And the election of Donald Trump seems to have been the catalyst for the breakdown of the liberal mind. Weeks after Trump’s unexpected victory, Hillary boosters are still trying to wrap their heads around the fact that the would-be first woman president was beaten by a gauche pussy-grabber.

Instead of going through the five stages of grief, they’ve taken to creating an alternative universe where their ideology is still unquestioned orthodoxy.

So what do losers do when confronted with their own impotence? They write fan fiction of course! To help alleviate the mental pangs caused by an incoming Trump Administration, a writer at Newsweek decided to publish pre-written copy prepared in case Hillary had won. “[W]e’re living in a dystopian future,” fairy tale curator Zach Schonfeld explains, and “some publications weren’t so well prepared.”

Gee, you think?

Schonfeld collected various dispatches from left-leaning writers at different publications. It’s no surprise these journalists wrote in advance about Hillary’s triumph. I figured Hillary was bound to win as well, and wrote something for another publication before Election Day presuming a Clinton win. But what exactly is the point of publishing these now? What interest is served? Reporters are supposed to describe the real world, not fantasy. This is reality avoidance at its most pathetic.

Using fake news to live vicariously in a non-existent future isn’t the only way liberals are coping with Middle America’s big “screw you” at the ballot box. Now that Hillary has decisively won the popular vote, calls for abolishing the Electoral College have reemerged. “Get ready for a major push to kill the Electoral College,” ran one ThinkProgress headline. Former vice president Al Gore endorsed the idea.

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