The left’s Russia meme: Fake news of the week?

Here is Patricia McCarthy writing about the left’s latest “meme”:

“Think of the press as a great keyboard on which the government can play.” – Josef Goebbels

Still unable to accept Donald Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton, the left’s latest scam is to convince the public that his victory is illegitimate because “Russia did it.” Russia allegedly tampered with the election by hacking.

Hacking what? We know they did not hack any voting machines because they are not connected to the internet, and Jill Stein’s ridiculous recount proved only that there was Democrat fraud in Michigan. Adding insult to injury, Trump gained a few votes in both Michigan and Wisconsin.

We know that John Podesta’s email account was hacked, but no one has provided evidence so that we know by whom. The NYT and the WaPo both published some well-crafted fake news stories, complete with unnamed sources, saying it was Russia who hacked and leaked Podesta’s emails. But no one within our intelligence agencies, nor any of the Democrats who show up all over the news programs to claim “there is no doubt that it was Russia that cost Hillary the presidency,” has offered a scintilla of proof. No one from any of those agencies will even show up to brief the House Intelligence Committee. There is apparently some disagreement among them. Hmmm.

Stonewalling and deception are the usual tactics of the left, so even now, they cannot imagine that their “Russia did it” strategy will not work. They intend to convince us all that the release of those emails affected the voters enough to cost Clinton the victory she “deserved” and had long assumed was in the bag. But that is where this particular fake news campaign becomes amusing.

Despite their loss, in the spirit of Goebbels, the left still assumes that American voters and news consumers are stupid, that they fall for every hook the left baits. Their plan is that by repeating the hacking charge over and over again, the public will think the voting machines and email accounts were similarly hacked. They assume we will believe that Russia did indeed affect the outcome of the election.

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