Letter Exposes Bigoted, Anti-Liberty and Anti-Life Attitudes of Leftists

Laurie Higgins superbly outlines the bigoted, anti-liberty and anti-life attitudes of leftists:

In a “Voice of the People” letter appearing in Sunday’s Chicago TribuneJoAnn Lee Frank of Clearwater, Florida says the following:

The bill passed in Alabama banning nearly all abortions smacks of contempt and misogynistic views toward women. Why else would so many white Republican male legislators willfully rule that women carry a fetus to full term in cases of rape and incest? Even if it is their religious belief, it has no business influencing the law. The attitude of the lawmakers is not only cruel and unjust, it’s also sick and destructive. This stunning decision violates the constitutional protections guaranteed by Roe v. Wade.

How does opposition to human slaughter—including the slaughter of about 440,000 female humans annually—constitute “contempt and misogynistic views toward women”? And are the 36% of women who oppose abortion in “all or most cases” as revealed in a Pew Forum poll guilty of contempt for women and misogyny?

Frank asked why “so many white Republican male legislators willfully rule that women carry a fetus to full term in cases of rape or incest.” That’s an easy-peasy question to answer.

First, the voters in Alabama—including female voters—elected “so many white Republican male legislators.” Perhaps Alabama voters don’t discriminate based on race, skin color, or sex as Frank and so many other “progressives” do. Perhaps they judge candidates for public office by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin or their unchosen biological sex. One presumes that these white Republican male legislators are carrying out the will of their constituents, including their diversely hued female constituents.

Second, the white Republican male legislators—like humans of other colors and humans of the only other sex in our sexually dimorphic species—evidently understand the scientific fact that the product of conception between two humans is a human and that more-developed humans have no moral right to exterminate less-developed humans based on the evil actions of the biological fathers of those less-developed humans.

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