Levin on Budget Deal: Do They Not Understand that the Whole Damn Thing Is Going to Collapse?

Mark Levin

Mark Levin

Update: Click here to watch Mark Levin and Neil Cavuto’s show.

From Breitbart.com:


Mark Levin on his Wednesday radio show attacked some Republicans for not realizing the seriousness of the U.S government’s fiscal situation.

Partial transcript as follows:

We have over a $90-trillion unfunded liability… And ladies and gentlemen, soon it’s $100 trillion dollars. You know what that means? That means our kids and their kids and every future generation is going to be destroyed. Because there’s not enough currency on the face of the earth to address that.

Then we have what’s called the fiscal operating debt. And I distinguish that from the unfunded liabilities, the entitlements, the fiscal operating debt built up from one budget after another – not even counting Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. It’s almost $17.3 trillion. When my book came out in August it was $17 trillion-17.3 trillion.

And as a nation, we’re focused on $23 billion over 10 years which is never going to happen? And the media running around talking about ‘wow, Washington actually works’ and the Republicans saying ‘anything but a government shutdown.’

Do they not understand that the whole damn thing is going to shut down and collapse? And it won’t just be 17 percent of the government. It’ll be your savings. It’ll be your mutual funds. It’ll be your pensions. It’ll be the value of your paycheck. It’ll be your college fund. It’ll be everything. Because once the spiral occurs there’s no undoing it. Because man makes a situation that cannot be fixed until there’s an ultimate collapse. It’s called the laws of economics and they are as serious and real as the laws of physics.