LGBTOMGWTFBBQs Diss Their Own Founding Fathers

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Watching the enforcers of political correctness grind their gears can be soooo entertaining.

As BarbWire senior editor Jeff Allen reports today, the far-left organization Media Matters is slamming Fox News because Roger Ailes’s boys and girls are still using the word “homosexual.”  According to the demigods of PC, Fox is supposed to be using terms like “gay people” and “lesbian people,” as if sexual preference was an ethnicity.  Media Matters asserts the word “homosexual” is already being tabooed by most of the major media.

Yup, it’s hard to believe, but in their latest effort to control the minds of the masses, the homosexual rights movement is trying to banish the word “homosexual.”  Seems the word now carries with it the “ring of disapproval and judgment,” according to the New York Times.

Don’t they realize they’re trying to ban the very word coined by their own founding fathers?  In addition to establishing the  civil wrongs movement, those busy beavers were pioneers in euphemizing words that carried the ring of disapproval and judgment.

The  LGBT movement was born in Germany in 1860.  At that time homosexuals were identified by starkly behavioral terms:  sodomites, pederasts and Knabenschänder, or boy ravishers.

“You can’t force priggish Germans to accept Knabenschänders,” reasoned Karl Heinrich Ulrichs, lawyer, pedophile, and the first gay activist.   “We’ll have to call ourselves something else.  Something nice and nonthreatening, that stresses identity, not behavior.”

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