Why Liberalism’s War On Liberty Is America’s Modern Psychopathology

Here is John Tutten writing at Clash Daily:

The latest national presidential election polling shows that about forty percent of registered voters are planning to cast a vote for Hillary Clinton. This despite the FBI confirming that she violated criminal statutes for the handling of top secret material and then lied to Congress about it.

This forty percent will vote for her even though she was complicit in the deaths of four brave Americans in Benghazi and then promulgated lies about the attack for political purposes. Clinton will get their vote despite her catastrophic diplomatic initiatives in the Middle East that have left the region a seething cauldron of violence with tens of thousands dead.

How can forty percent of the electorate consider someone as incompetent, deceitful, and amoral as Clinton a viable candidate for the most powerful office on earth? The only consistent justification offered for her candidacy is that, “It’s just time for a woman to be president.” Heck, then why not Julia Louise-Dreyfus? This could have been her chance to be president for real. She would certainly be more appealing.

Truth is that this forty percent will pull the “D” lever no matter who the candidate is. The question remains though – why?

Despite the unambiguous failure of liberalism over the last six decades, this forty percent refuses to recognize it. The country is closing in on $20 trillion in operating debt. We have accumulated over $200 trillion in unfunded financial commitments the Left has dragged the country into. The black family is in shambles. Race relations are the worst in decades. Our military is the least prepared it’s been since well before World War II and morale is at an all time low. The number of abled-bodied Americans out of the work is at record levels. Our borders are wide open. The overall culture is in steep decline. And all of this is traceable directly to liberalism, yet a substantial percentage of the country is steadfast in maintaining their support despite our declining trajectory.

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