Liberals Losing the Culture Wars?

They aren’t yet, but they can if we get serious about fighting the information war. Here are L. Brent Bozell III and Tim Graham writing in a post a few days ago:

The libertine left has done a lot of boasting over the last several years about the inevitability of History vanquishing every corner of American social conservatism. Election Day 2015 was a terrible day for these revolutionaries, as so often it is when it’s the American people, not liberal elites, making the decisions.

There’s a reason liberals always think they’re winning. It’s because in both “news” reporting and entertainment propaganda, they incessantly evangelize for gun safety, marriage equality, legalized marijuana, transgender civil rights protections and untrammeled amnesty for illegal immigrants as if only the leftist position is acceptable. The only days they get a reality check are election days.

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The image above, by the way, is a shot of the The Atlantic — and here is a link to their story, “Liberals Are Losing the Culture WarsTuesday’s elections, which hinged on social issues such as gay rights and pot, call into question Democrats’ insistence that Republicans are out of step with the times.”