Liberals Should Stop Ranting And Seek Out Silent Trump Voters Like Me

Here is “Anonymous” writing at The Federalist about the ranting left:

I am an urban, millennial woman, and I voted for Trump. Now, I’m afraid to explain my reasoning to an angry, vitriolic left that will not listen to me.

I’m a graduate-educated, millennial generation, urban-dwelling white woman. Not just that, I’m also a women’s health nurse practitioner and I’ve cared for women of many different religions, races, ethnicities, and sexual orientations.

I’m also a silent Donald Trump supporter.

I admit, I have enjoyed indulging in some schadenfreude as I watched the aftermath of the presidential election implode on social media. But that wore off quickly. Now, the fearmongering and widespread terror plaguing my Facebook news feed just makes me sad.

I haven’t posted a thing on social media. For that matter, I don’t intend on disclosing my vote to others anytime soon—first and foremost because I think it might jeopardize my career, and I sincerely fear people would not listen or seek to understand my rationale. I hope I’m proven wrong.

Liberals Don’t Even Try To Understand Trump’s Supporters

I don’t claim to speak for all urban white women who voted for Trump. But I’m sure I’m not alone in my astonishment at the allegations thrown around the social media echo chamber, accusing us of being racist, self-hating misogynists.

I understand many of you opposed Trump and feel afraid and frustrated, or just saddened and confused. I know it is easy to lash out right now. But I don’t want to be subjected to vitriolic tirades by people who claim to practice tolerance, then project fury whenever their worldview is challenged.

To quote William Buckley Jr., “Liberals claim to want to give a hearing to other views, but then are shocked and offended to discover that there are other views.”

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