The Liberation Aspect of the Trump Victory

Liberation indeed! Here is Sylvia Thompson writing at BarbWire:

Donald Trump’s positive effect on the nation’s psyche, as he eviscerates political correctness, is so great it cannot be adequately measured. He has single-handedly lifted the poisonous cloud with which the progressive Left has smothered its opposition for decades. From my observation, many are taking full advantage of the new-found freedom, and that’s a good thing. Equally exhilarating is his relegation of the biased media to irrelevance by simply bypassing them. Using communications technology, he can take his message directly to the people.

Examples abound of patriots now speaking out.

Recently, Fox News business commentator, Dagen McDowell, castigated the former President of Mexico Vincente Fox for his lying characterization of Donald Trump. He claimed Trump is no different from Communist dictator Fidel Castro. Before Trump, I doubt the network would have allowed McDowell to address President Fox in that manner. She would have been expected to cower in deference to a foreigner’s kicking sand in our face, as the saying goes. The prevailing wisdom was that America is not worthy of respect—until Trump.

Another example is the recent response by Tim Wildmon, President of the American Family Association (AFA), to the progressive Connecticut State Comptroller, Kevin Lembo. Lembo is a homosexual using the power of government to intimidate Christians. His decision to harass AFA is the result of the organization’s stance against sex activists’ assault on traditional American values. Lembo and the other purveyors of deviancy are losing their most committed champion of deviance, Barack Obama (who will soon lose power), and they obviously feel a need to bully opponents as a reminder of their continued presence.

AFA shot back a response to Kevin Lembo saying essentially his actions against American Family Association are unconstitutional and un-American. They further emphasized, non-profit organizations should not be discriminated against because of his personal disdain for their religious beliefs.

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