Liberty Counsel Breaking the Spiral of Silence in Florida and Texas Churches

This is a Liberty Counsel press release from back on July 14th. The second paragraph (highlighted) reminded me of this post from just last month: Can Churches Legally Get Involved in Politics? (Christian Post Interviews Barber).

The information war can’t be won if the churches are going to stay out of the fight.

Here’s the release from 7-14:

Orlando, FL—Last week Liberty Counsel distributed over 35,000 copies of Mat Staver’s DVD Silence is Not an Option to pastors throughout Florida and Texas, as part of Liberty Counsel’s Pastors & Patriots Initiative. This is the first of an estimated over 150,000 DVDs that will be sent to pastors between now and November, encouraging pastors to address biblical and moral issues and educating pastors about the IRS rules on political and lobbying activity. In addition, Liberty Counsel is conducting meetings with pastors and Who Will Stand Rallies at churches across the country. Visit or

“Pastors and churches must be empowered to confront the assaults on our culture, our faith, and our freedom,” says Mat Staver, Founder and Chairman of Liberty Counsel. “German Political Scientist Elisabeth Noelle-Neumann coined the expression ‘spiral of silence.’ Noelle-Neumann began her career working for a newspaper during Hitler’s years, where she found that people conceal their views when they think they are in the minority or may face reprisal for their beliefs. We saw how the spiral of silence had devastating results in Nazi Germany. We need to stop the spiral of silence in America,” Staver said.

“As pastors and churches begin to stand up and speak out against evil and injustice, the spiral will unravel and justice will prevail. That is the goal of Liberty Counsel’s Pastor’s and Patriots Initiative,” said Staver.

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