Lighting a Fire Under the GOP

GOPusaHey David, give me a call — the weakness of the GOP isn’t “perplexing” at all…

By David Limbaugh

Of the many ironies accompanying President Obama’s reign of error, few are more perplexing to conservatives than the disunity and ineffectuality of the Republican opposition.

From the beginning of his first term, Obama has been fulfilling his promise to fundamentally transform America — albeit in a way he didn’t fully disclose when he made the pledge.

Indeed, Obama has proved in every way imaginable how serious he was and remains about steering the nation away from its founding principles. On a series of fronts, he has brought about major policy changes that are leading to the financial bankruptcy and accelerated decline of this great nation.

Though poll after poll indicates that the American people are more conservative than liberal and oppose, more than support, Obama’s policy agenda, he has continued to escape accountability for making major changes against the people’s will and even won re-election to a second term.

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