Limbaugh: The GOP Suicide Mission

Rush Limbaugh had the same reaction many of us had to a couple of Drudge Report headlines over the weekend and two posts at yesterday were transcripts of what he had to say.

Here were the headlines: “Are You Kidding Me? With Obama in Freefall, GOP Prepares to Give Him What He Wants on Obamacare and Amnesty” and “The Republican Suicide Mission.”

In the first post/transcript, Rush presented the facts about where we’re at:

[T]he polling data cited here by the National Journal, only one in four adults — this is an example of how bad it is for Obama — 25%, one in four adults say that his actions are increasing economic opportunity for people like them. That’s among his worst showing in the polls. So he has gone from a exit poll question in 2012, not even two years ago, where he won 89 to 11 the question “understands and cares about people like me,” to now only 25% believe that Obama and his policies are increasing economic opportunity for people like them.

“Obama literally in a free fall,” Rush said, “and again, you’re not seeing that reported because the media isn’t going to report it. They’re gonna do everything they can to make that not look like it’s happening and to prop it up and make it look like something else. But he is in free fall. And Obamacare is an absolute, utter disaster.”

Rush continued:

In addition to all of this, Obama’s plummeting in the polls. Only 25% of the American people think that Obama’s policies are geared to help people like them. Then there is this: “The real median income of American women dropped a little more than four percent in the first three full years after the end of the last recession, according to data published by the Census Bureau.”

Plus, they’re now having to pay more for their health insurance than they did before Obama. And yet, it’s the Republicans waging war on them while Obama is actually ruining economic circumstances. Essentially women have been getting shaft on income ever since Obama took office. So in the midst of all this, what is the news we get?

Then Rush drops the bomb, referring to the news reported by Drudge, that U.S. Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, R-Oregon, was quoted saying that the position of the Republican leadership in D.C. believes that establishment Republicans believes we’re going to have immigration done by August and that the GOP is not going to do anything about Obamacare.

Again, here’s Rush:

Are you kidding me? […]  [S]he’s out there saying that the Affordable Care Act is likely to stay and that we’re gonna have amnesty done by August — with Obama in freefall, no less! Obama’s in freefall, and we’re gonna give him what he wants, so it says here.

If that wasn’t bad enough, Rush continued:

The Washington Post has a story today saying if the Republicans do what they say they’re gonna do on immigration, it’s gonna result in more Democrat voters. Well, duh! Of course it will. Why are the Democrats in favor of it?

It goes on to say that if they do this, if the Republicans are the reason for amnesty, that all of a sudden it puts Texas in play as a Democrat state. Now, if Texas ever goes Democrat, do you realize the Republicans will never win the White House again? Because they’ll have the electoral votes of California and Nuevo Orc. You add Texas to them, and it becomes insurmountable. Then you throw in Illinois?

I mean, this is incomprehensible. It’d be bad enough if this were happening in a vacuum, but it is happening while Obama and the Democrats are in quicksand.

In the second post/transcript, Rush said:

Let’s get back now to the Republican Party and the suicide mission that they’re on. Again this from the Spokane, Washington, Spokesman Review. “With the news this week that more than 600,000 Washington residents have acquired new health care plans through the state exchange, US Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers said it’s unlikely the Affordable Care Act will be repealed.”

Well, slavery was repealed. Prohibition was repealed. Why not Obamacare? “Well, it’s an entitlement, Rush, and we’ve never repealed an entitlement.” Well, I know, but people are only now starting to realize how bad this is. Why didn’t we just reform prohibition instead of repeal it? Why didn’t we just reform slavery instead of repealing it? But somehow we can’t repeal it. You know, the Republican Party, I must tell you, I guess I am a little surprised. Even though I’ve said to you what I’ve said, I guess I miscalculated just how shell-shocked they really are.

I mean, I’ve known they’re shell-shocked. I have known that they’re suffering post-traumatic stress disorder. I have known all of that, but I had no idea how bad it really is.

When Rush goes ballistic like this he’s speaking for millions of conservatives. God bless you, Rush, and we pray that elected Republicans in Washington, D.C., get the message.


Are You Kidding Me? With Obama in Freefall, GOP Prepares to Give Him What He Wants on Obamacare and Amnesty

The Republican Suicide Mission.”