Little cause for a Labor Day holiday mood

A decade ago high spending Republicans President George W. Bush and Speaker Dennis Hastert continued the nation on the wrong course and then the Obama folks hit the accelerator in the wrong direction. It wasn’t hope and change, it was deciding to do more of the same kind of foolish things and to do them faster — and today we reap the fruits of it. From the Southtown Star newspaper:

As we pause from our toils on this Labor Day weekend to celebrate the value of work, we should ponder how are we doing.

Except for the top 1 percent or so of income earners, we’ve been struggling for at least a decade. Sorry, the figures don’t fib on this one. Fewer full-time jobs, and too many that don’t pay enough to allow their holders to join the middle class.

The discouraging evidence should inspire a fundamental change of direction, though there’s little sign our nation’s leaders can muster the intellectual energy for such a feat.

The gap between the top earners and the rest of us has never been as wide, and that presents great potential peril for the future of the country.

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