Local GOP orgs could help stop government controlled health care

We’re at flood tide when it comes to the amount of fantastic materials available to anyone who wants to understand the health care reform debate. Truly it is a thing of beauty to watch countless issue advocacy organizations sending out top shelf analysis.

If you want it in brief, you can find it summed up in dozens of places. If you want to delve deeper, there are books and white papers and detailed plans with explanations of why the Democrats’ path to health care reform is exactly the wrong path to follow.

But where is your local Republican Party organization when it comes to this all important issue? Your ward, township, county or state organizations are almost, without exception, invisible. Their silence is one of the reasons the terrible legislation coming out of the U.S. Senate might get “deemed” to be passed by the U.S. House.

As we’ve noted, it’s all about the flow of good information, and at times like this it has to be all hands on deck. The think tanks don’t have the reach, nor does talk radio or cable news. Emails and websites are great, but as the traditional media wanes in its effectiveness, an opening has been created that good local GOP or independent groups can help fill.

The TEA partiers and other groups are rallying and protesting, and God Bless them. They are setting a standard that the Republican Party must seek to meet if it’s ever going to win power and then use it properly.

The Heritage Foundation, the Galen Institute, and the Chicago-based Heartland Institute of course all continue to do fantastic work. The following was in my email inbox just today from Heartland (emphasis added):

10 Ways to Real Health Care Reform and 10 Disasters in Obamacare

As the health care debate moves into its final stages in Washington, it is more important than ever to understand that the effect on Americans of effective reforms would be very good, but the effect of flawed or misguided reforms could be catastrophic.

Unfortunately, the health care overhaul bills championed by the Obama administration and congressional Democrats are deeply flawed. Their ill-conceived push to take control of our health care system means an increase in the cost of private health insurance for millions of Americans, restricted consumer choice, a dramatic decline in quality of care, and a potential cost of trillions of dollars to American taxpayers.

Ben Domenech, managing editor of Health Care News, has prepared a short, easy-to-read document that offers ideas for real reform while highlighting the potential disaster that awaits if President Barack Obama’s plan is signed into law. The document, 10 Ways to Real Health Care Reform and 10 Disasters in Obamacare, is a must-read and can be found by clicking on the following link.


Please share this email with friends and family. Make no mistake, our health care system is in need of reform. However, “reform” proposals currently being pushed through Congress will be a devastating mistake for all Americans and amount to nothing more than a Washington power grab that will lead us down the path to socialism.

If you’re one of those Americans who are up and in action, protesting, calling your U.S. Representatives, thank you! Regardless of whether you’ve been able to engage yet, heeding the Heartland Institute’s request to share the above excerpt with friends and family isn’t a bad first – or additional step.