Losing the Information War Causes a ‘Trans Flight From Reality’

What happens when conservatives don’t fight the information war and instead surrender in the debate with the insane political left? Things become insane. Here are a few entertaining excerpts from recent articles.

Rachel Dolezal and the End of Reality
By Leon H. Wolf

Nowadays […] even the essential qualities of physical objects are up for debate – debate of a sort that often indicates where you fall on a philosophical and political spectrum. It used to be that when people were having an argument over whether a given object was a table or a chair, they were merely determining who got to go on living with the rest of society and who needed to be forcibly medicated for their own good. Today an equivalent discussion would instead serve to illustrate that disagreeing with the mentally ill about the content of their delusions will get you socially ostracized faster than anything.

Or, in other words, as a society we have lost our damn minds.

A Republic cannot survive in evolving times when its citizenry rejects the very concept of reality, and yet that is the very road we are heading down. And the end result of this will inevitably be a public policy that is unintelligible, nonsensical, and widely and cynically gamed by everyone for their own personal benefit.

The Rachel Dolezal story is, in many respects, silly. An object of proper derision. But in other ways it is a frightening illustration of what our society might become if we refuse to step back from this precipice on which we find ourselves today.

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Gender, Race, and Reality
By Jeffrey T. Brown

What an odd time we are living through. Those on the left, whose affinity for make-believe knows no bounds, have finally become so comfortable with selling fraud that they’ve left the reservation. Look at a white woman and see a black one. Look at a man and see a woman. They’ve progressed from the gray areas of belief right into lying about what we can see in front of us.

People are free to think whatever they wish, at least liberals are. Conservatives aren’t really given that freedom anymore, but a liberal can think, say and do whatever he or she wishes, as long as it damages traditional social and cultural norms. If a man wants to think he’s a woman, he has always been free to do so. Reality can’t be altered, of course, but he is entitled to possession of whatever is between his ears, as long as he does not infringe on the rights of others. That it is false only concerns the mentally stable members of society, who worry for the well-being of that person. Psychologically impaired fellow travelers, however, think it’s brave and courageous to engage in make-believe. Today he’s a woman. Perhaps tomorrow he will be a pony. How wonderful! It is the stuff of pre-pubescent dress up parties, except that it is being endorsed and advocated by those who appear on the outside to be adults.

What’s worse, it is being enforced as if it is real. Perhaps the key distinction between liberals and conservatives is that conservatives are too busy dealing with reality to embrace fantasy. Liberals marinate in fantasy. If truth is inconvenient, make something up and declare it to be the new truth, and that all truths before are now “hate”. They complete the picture by acting to punish those who do not go along, especially those too grounded to live in an artificial world created to make some people feel good about how screwed up they are.

Every second spent discussing these constructs as if they are real is ground lost in a social and cultural war against frauds and liars. We have taken a long vacation from truth so as not to offend people who think nothing of lying to us. Reality is a harsh taskmaster, and eventually there is a cost for every lie we accept, and every change we allow to be imposed upon us by people who are simply making this stuff up as they go along. We need grownups, not more demented children.

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The Trans Flight From Reality
By Bill Muehlenberg

In the eerily prophetic novel 1984 by George Orwell, the hero Winston Smith is being tortured in the ‘Ministry of Love’. His interrogator is trying to ‘cure’ him of his belief that reality is what is real, as opposed to what the State says it is. As he informs Smith:

You believe that reality is something objective, external, existing in its own right. You also believe that the nature of reality is self-evident. When you delude yourself into thinking that you see something, you assume that everyone else sees the same thing as you. But I tell you, Winston, that reality is not external. Reality exists in the human mind, and nowhere else. Not in the individual mind, which can make mistakes, and in any case soon perishes; only in the mind of the Party, which is collective and immortal.

The scary thing is, although written 66 years ago, it seems to be coming about before our very eyes. There is a move to make insanity normal, and to punish those who don’t go along with all this. We used to have mental asylums filled with people who could not live with reality and were making up their own realities.

It is hoped that before Western civilisation is completely destroyed, some more sanity and reality will return. Surely enough normal people still exist who have had a gutful of all this dangerous PC moonbattery and hyper-radical social engineering.

I hope so, otherwise we are all toast. One commentator who believes there might be a bit of a turnaround here is Daniel Payne. And he notes how mental delusions and confusions are a part of the left’s war on reality here:

As the past few news cycles have proven, the Left appears to be losing the transgender debate, in large part because its position in this debate is preposterous, anti-scientific nonsense. “A man can be a woman if he wants to” is a clearly false statement—demonstrably so—and the growing pushback against this ideology may be a sign that things are turning around. It’s possible the public may finally stop treating a mental illness as a celebrated social-justice cause. One can hope.

Nonetheless, progressives have become desperate to regain the ground they’ve lost, and increasingly their tactics resemble the phenomenon known as “gaslighting,” in which one party tries to convince another, through rhetorical dishonesty and outright fakery, that the latter’s memory, intelligence, and even sanity are in doubt.

Robert Tracinski puts it this way: “When the insane are normal, the normal are insane.” Indeed, it is extremely difficult to talk sense with the social revolutionaries and sexual anarchists who have declared war on reason, biology and reality. They are now running the asylums, and they want to intern all of us who dare to differ.

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