Love Is Not the Same as Acceptance

CultureWatchYet another excellent article by Bill Muehlenberg:

Can you love someone while disapproving of what they do? In our morally confused times many folks think not. They think that we must simply accept anything; not to do so means we are unloving or intolerant. And governments have bought this contorted moral reasoning as well.

But this is a recipe for disaster, and we had better get such matters sorted out before we cause even more damage. Let me tie this in to a common question. I am often asked what I would do if one of my children were caught out in some obvious sinful behaviour or lifestyle. The homosexual activists especially like to throw this one out: ‘What would you do if your child came out as a homosexual?’

They seem to think that this is a conversation stopper, and that they have nicely cornered me. Well no, it is not the end of the conversation, and no they have not cornered me. The answer is actually rather simple: I would of course continue to love my child, even though I would not approve of the course of action they have embarked upon.

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