Low Information Voter Thoughts

They sound accurate to me:

• How do I sign a check on the front?

• Why stop at Gun Free Zones? We should also create Crime Free Zones!

• I voted for Change, so how come things are still the same?

• The National Socialist Party had nothing to do with Socialism, right?

• We have weekends off, thanks to unions. If enough people join unions, we can get the other five days off.

• My body is my business, but so is what other people earn.

• I don’t care what the Bill Of Rights is, as long as someone’s footing the bill.

• Why read the Constitution when you can watch the Daily Show?

• Voting “D” = free stuff. Voting “R”= bummer, I’ll have to work.

• I read in Cosmo that Republicans want to ban sex. It’s totally true.

• We keep voting democrat, but we’re STILL poor.

• The First Lady is like Kim Kardashian, except with other people’s money.

• Someday I’ll live in my OWN basement.

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