Mainstream media attacks MassResistance’s Health Hazards of Homosexuality book at national Values Voter Summit

“The truth really hurts, apparently,” MassResistance said in this post — and boy is it true:

Flood of vituperative articles across the USA and as far away as Britain

The Values Voter Summit, held in Washington DC in mid-October, included dozens of high-profile speakers including President Trump. It attracted thousands of attendees from across the country. But aside from the speeches by President Trump and his former advisor Steve Bannon, the biggest national (and international) news coverage of that conference was about MassResistance!

For several days MassResistance was the object of vicious and unhinged attacks by the liberal media in the US and even in the UK. It’s because we were the one pro-family group willing to bring up a subject that the Left wants silenced.

Headline from major British newspaper The Independent.

As we recently reported, MassResistance was an exhibitor at the conference. Among other things, we were selling our powerful 600-page book on The Health Hazards of Homosexuality, which contains information from the federal Centers for Disease Control and other mainstream medical sources. It documents in detail the enormous public health problems – both medical and psychological – associated with homosexual behavior. In today’s society, this is critical information everyone should know, especially given what’s being pushed on young children in schools across the country.

A flyer for the book was included in the packet of materials given to every attendee when they registered. And that became an international news story!

One would not think that such a book at a pro-family conference could be so alarming or unusual. But to the liberal media, anything that portrays LGBT behavior as abnormal in any way must be directly attacked. And pro-family people must be kept fearful about touching the issue.

As soon as the media found out about the flyer, reporters started calling the MassResistance office. “Did we really advertise the book at the conference?” they asked. “Of course,” we answered.

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