Mapping The Illinois $100,000 Club: 94,000 Public Employees & Retirees Cost Taxpayers $12B

If more hardworking taxpayers knew of this club, they’d raise hell. Here is Adam Andrzejewski:

Let us introduce you to the Illinois $100,000 Club that cost taxpayers $12 billion. It’s comprised of 93,798 public employees and retirees who earned a new “minimum wage” of $100,000 or more.

While Illinois is broke and it continues to flirt with junk bond status, the public employee class is living the good life. Our auditors at found three doctors at the University of Illinois at Chicago with incomes between $1 million and $1.6 million; 633 educators out-earned every governor of the 50 states ($190,000 to $407,000); and 130 small town or government administrators made between $190,000 and $324,000.

Overall, 71,000 public employees at every level of Illinois government received six-figure paychecks. Additionally, 23,000 retirees pulled down more than $100,000 in annual pensions.

Using our interactive mapping tool, quickly review (by employer ZIP code) the 93,798 public employees and retirees across Illinois making more than $100,000. Just click a pin and scroll down to see the results in your neighborhood rendered in the chart beneath the map.

Here are just a few examples of what you’ll uncover:

  • 30,000 teachers and school administrators — Last year, nearly 19,000 current educators earned a six-figure salary while more than 11,600 retired educators received six-figure pensions. Six retired superintendents pocketed $300,000+ pensions, including Lawrence Wyllie (Lincoln-Way CHSD 210 — $331,086); Henry Bangser (New Trier Township HSD 203 — $321,834); Gary Catalani (Wheaton-Warrenville Unit SD 200 — $320,403); Laura Murray (Homewood-Flossmoor CHSD 233 — $315,221); and Mary Curley (Hinsdale CCSD 181 – $306,151).
  • 20,000 rank-and-file workers and managers in Chicago – Retiring Mayor Rahm Emanuel (D) received $216,210 while Ginger Evans, commissioner of aviation, pulled down $400,000 in total cash compensation, including a $100,000 bonus. Clarence Wisnar, a filtration engineer at the Chicago Police Department, received $228,845 in ‘supplementary pay’ (overtime pay, duty and availability time, vacation payments, etc.) on top of his salary, reaching $344,046 in total compensation.
  • 17,150 municipal government workers — Small town managers rake in the pay, perks, and pension benefits. These administrators include Michael Ellis (Village of Grayslake — $273,289); Robert Kiely (City of Lake Forest — $263,287); Richard Nahrstadt (Village of Northbrook — $261,582); William Wiet (City of Aurora — $255,256); and Reid Ottesen (Village of Palatine — $253,137). The Wheaton Park District conferred a $261,667 pension on retired administrator Elizabeth Kutska.

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