Marco Rubio Republicans

An Associated Press report back in February had this headline:

U.S. debt will keep growing even with recovery

Two sentences from the article:

The government already has made so many promises to so many expanding “mandatory” programs. Just keeping these commitments, without major changes in taxing and spending, will lead to deficits that cannot be sustained.

I don’t know about you, but for me, that about sums up the state of the nation. So many people now rely on big government that even when the economy is doing well, we lose ground. If you think that’s a phenomenon of Democratic Party control, you’re wrong. During the Bush-Hastert years, the economy grew as well as our federal debt.

Every once in a while you hear someone talk about the Republican Party Platform, and increasingly you hear people talk about the U.S. Constitution. For those of you who may not remember, the U.S. Constitution is kind of an important document. Don’t think that just because it’s ignored, it’s irrelevant.

We need political leadership that follows the Constitutional limits of government. Only then will economic growth occur while debt actually gets paid down. Far from a novel concept, it’s the only way to save the Republic. This solution is obvious.

Fortunately for all of us, there is a U.S. Senate candidate in Florida who appears on his way to winning his primary race over his big-government Republican opponent. Marco Rubio has come from behind in the polls to now command a healthy lead over Governor Charlie Crist.

Those who say you can’t elect a conservative in 2010 in a state that went for Obama in 2008 are wrong.

Earlier this month Maggie Gallagher wrote a column about Rubio. In it, she had some things to say that will cheer the heart of those who are feeling down about their country’s out of control government:

“A new breed of Republican is being born. The Marco Rubio Republicans — on the heels of the Scott Brown Republicans — are changing the face of the Republican Party.

Rubio and Brown differ in their politics, but they share a rare capacity to make even the most cynical GOP voter want to believe again. Certain ideas and ideals really are timeless, which means: capable of being reborn in each new generation.”

Her column is a quick, must-read. I particularly like this:

“[Rubio] understands economics in deeply moral terms — as the need to sustain an America where no one places limits on what you can accomplish because of your skin color, your parents’ occupation, your so-called place in society. And although it has been little noted, Rubio skillfully weaves in the third leg of Reaganism as well, arguing that you cannot separate the economic well-being of a people from their social and moral well-being. He is unapologetically pro-life and pro-marriage.”

The 38-year old Rubio has some big friends – namely U.S. Senator Jim DeMint and his Senate Conservatives Fund. Included in Sen. DeMint’s comments here about Marco Rubio are these:

“Voters across the country are engaged. Like you, they’re demanding accountability from their elected leaders…

Marco…has remained a principled conservative…

His optimistic message of conservative reform has inspired me, but more importantly, it’s inspiring voters in Florida.”

DeMint notes that while Rubio now leads in the polls, “his opponent still has establishment backing and a large fundraising advantage.” In politics, the optimist must always keep an eye on reality. The reverse is also true. Despite all the bad news of late, leaders like Jim DeMint and candidates like Marco Rubio provide solid ground for hope.