Marin GOP: Tilting at Windmills

Sally Zelikovsky has several terrific paragraphs in her article — here are a few of them:

I always thought Republicans were sensible until the Marin Republican Central Committee (“MRCC”) in Northern California issued a press release on July 26th boasting that it is “the first official Republican Central Committee… to endorse same-sex marriage.”

One has to wonder: is this feckless capitulation to the progressive agenda a preview of things to come?


I guess the pressure of being shunned at cocktail parties and on voting day — coupled with Supreme Court Justice Kennedy’s accusations of bigotry and animus — have triggered an existential crisis for some Marin Republican leaders, who clearly fancy themselves chivalrous visionaries with sword in hand ready to smite those who haven’t yet “evolved.”

Do not be deceived. The Marin GOP’s decision is neither sensible nor chivalrous. Those on the MRCC who voted “Aye” are tilting at electoral windmills and will have to embark on this journey of madness alone: registered Republicans will not play Sancho Panza to their Don Quixote no matter how seductive his promise of more votes.


What these quixotic sell-outs fail to realize is that same-sex marriage is simply the issue du jour for left-wingers to skewer evil Republicans at cocktail parties, in the press and on campus. If same-sex marriage were to miraculously disappear tomorrow, the left would still differ with us on a host of other issues like abortion, border security, illegal immigration, universal health care, the Core Curriculum, sustainable development, pension reform, the deficit, the role of government, and the free market.


As for “feelings,” opponents of same-sex marriage are informed by facts that have been played out at all levels in our education system, our houses of worship and our pop culture. Facts born of a society in decline — a society that has lost its way, that no longer upholds the virtues of marriage, fidelity, and family; a society that no longer has any moral code, any boundaries, any expectations; a society mired in fatherlessness, the marginalization of men, the shunning of our boys, the loss of what it truly means to be a woman, and the mockery of marriage; a society where roles are being whitewashed by activists with agendas — progressive agendas to obliterate the family, destroy civil society, whittle away at prosperity and circumscribe freedom while ushering in a new era of transformational change with the government in control of our money, our bodies, our thoughts and our families.

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