Mark Kirk should be replaced in 2016

From Bruce Donnelly:

Can Sen. Mark Kirk win in 2016?

Perhaps the more important question is whether he should even try.

He has the lowest Heritage Action scorecard rating of any Republican in the Illinois delegation in the House or Senate at 39%.

He got lucky in the 2010 midterm.  It was a wave election, and he faced a weak opponent in a divided field.  Although many Republicans were not enthusiastic about his candidacy, it was another Hobson’s choice, or lesser of evils.  We needed to elect a Republican to stop the damage in Washington, and he won the primary.

After being elected, however, he did little to stop the damage.  On the contrary, he became Dick Durbin’s best friend on the Republican side, and often voted in inexplicable ways which angered Illinois Republicans, and especially those of a more conservative nature.  His Heritage Action score reflects no Republican leadership on key issues.  He may not match Dick Durbin’s 2% score, but at 39% he is one of the worst Republicans in the Senate or House.

Just as Dick Durbin fights for the progressive agenda of the radical left, we need a solid conservative who will actually work to advance a Republican agenda rather than surrender on key issues without a fight.

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