Mark Kirk votes to homosexualize the military

By Peter LaBarbera


Today is a monumental day for the United States of America. I have just learned that the Democratic-led Senate (with the help of a few sellout Republicans including newly-seated Illinois Sen. Mark Kirk – took a giant step toward transforming our beloved Armed Forces  into a massive bureaucracy for the promotion of homosexuality as an acceptable lifestyle — by voting 63-33 for cloture, allowing likely passage of a bill to repeal the ban on open homosexuals in the military. 


Human Rights Campaign, the country's largest “gay” lobby organization, reports that it spent $3 million on the Repeal campaign alone!  America is in big trouble if it thinks it can celebrate homosexuality (sin) and retain God's blessing!


Procedure: Now that Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid won the cloture vote, there will be a second vote, probably by the end of the weekend, on the actual Repeal bill, with Reid needing a simple majority — 51 votes — to win.


There is speculation that some Senators might try an old Beltway to fool their constituents: after voting FOR the cloture vote that paves the way for Repeal, they will now vote “against” the actual Repeal bill. Then they would tell their constituents that they did not vote for homosexuals in the military!  Beware of this trick.


[See the Roll Call story on the cloture vote here:]


How did we get here? That's an article for another time. But if and until the Repeal vote is finished, please pray and work as hard as you can for the defeat of this radical Obama plan to homosexualize our military. Here are the six Republicans who voted with Reid to homosexualize our military: Mark Kirk (IL); Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe (ME); Scott Brown (MA); and George Voinovich (OH). See the AFTAH article on Brown's capitulation HERE.



Peter LaBarbera is the president of Americans for Truth about Homosexuality.