Marriage culture key to economy, study says; Offers best outcomes for kids, nation

On a day when “civil unions” become legal in Illinois, the Washington Times posts the following article excerpted below. Follow the link at the end to read the entire piece. From the Washington Times:

Marriage culture key to economy, study says

Offers best outcomes for kids, nation

America’s economic revival is tied to the revival of a strong marriage culture, according to a new study.

Compared with other family arrangements, marriage offers the best economic outcomes for men, women, children and the nation, said Patrick Fagan, head of the Marriage and Religion Research Institute at the Family Research Council (FRC), in an analysis released late last week.

Only 5.8 percent of married families lived in poverty in 2009, he noted in the new study, called “Marriage and Economic Well-Being: The Economy of the Family Rises or Falls With Marriage.”

Husbands tend to have more stable employment histories and earn, on average, almost 30 percent more than men who are not married. Wives are less likely to be impoverished, and children from married families have stronger “economic mobility” as adults, meaning they are more likely to work their way from good jobs to better ones over their lifetimes, according to the data.