Marriage, Judicial Tyranny, Liberty and the Church

From Dr. Mark Creech at

The U.S. Supreme Court’s decision on Monday to deny review of all marriage cases striking down state constitutional marriage amendments has produced considerable sadness for people everywhere who believe marriage should always be defined as one man and one woman. Linda Harvey, president of Mission America, likened their action to that of Saul of Tarsus, who held the cloaks of others during the stoning of Stephen. Justices from the High Court figuratively held the robes of the justices in the lower courts, while they stoned the great institution of marriage.

Make no mistake; our nation is experiencing a new form of tyranny. There is absolutely nothing – nothing in the Constitution of the United States forbidding a state from preserving the traditional view of marriage in law. What’s happening in our nation is nothing less than a pure ideological power play by liberal judges who wish to force a new vision on our country. They despise traditional morality and want to overturn the historical understanding of marriage. The so-called right to same-sex marriage is wholly an invention, pulled from mid-air, and imposed on the Constitution and the citizens of the United States largely by abuses of judicial authority.

Our nation is a republican form of government, which means we are governed by elective representatives and by a leader such as a president, rather than by monarchs or dictators. Supreme power in America belongs to the people – a people entitled to vote – entitled to vote for elected officers who exercise their will by crafting laws – measures signed into law by the executive branch, and then adjudicated by the judicial branch. Despite arguments to the contrary, there is no law that mandates government recognition of same-sex marriage that has followed this process in the affected states.

Those that worked to protect and preserve marriage have followed the law, but there is no relief for law-abiding citizens who have faithfully followed due process, if their leaders are complicit with despotism and lawlessness. In our nation’s Declaration of Independence, the founders clearly articulated the God-given right to resist abuses of power. Therefore, just as surely as the U.S. Supreme Court turned a blind eye to the invectives of authority below them, Governors, attorneys general, and legislative leaders of the affected states should ignore the dictates of black-robed tyrants who are holding marriage and the will of the people in contempt. Moreover, steps for impeachment ought to be seriously considered.

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