Mass murderers and derangement

Patricia McCarthy explains mass murderers and derangement:

Since the shootings of last Saturday, the morally bankrupt lefties immediately lurched into the gutter to blame Trump; that is how astonishingly moronic they are.  Their idiotic arrogance is the grossest of stupidity.  No one blamed Nixon for the Manson murders.  No one blamed Clinton for Columbine, or Obama for Newtown or Bernie Sanders for James Hodgkinson, the man who shot Steve Scalise and whose name has all but been erased from the collective memory.  These people who are blaming Trump for Dayton and El Paso are motivated by one thing: hatred for the president who won the election and has outshone them on every level.  They have a morbid fear and loathing of success by others not of their party.

The Parkland murders, however, should be blamed on Obama and his “end the school to prison program,” which prevented that disturbed shooter from being incarcerated after forty-five incidents and obvious warnings of his psychotic mental state.  That Charles Manson was a psychopath should have been clear to the many law enforcement authorities who came in contact with him before 1969.  Many people did know that most of the other mass shooters mentioned above were dangerous — but did nothing.

We must point a finger at those people, those family members, teachers, and friends who were too terrified to warn anyone lest they be charged with something like racism or fear-mongering.  Those close to these eventual killers are the most responsible for the deaths they could have seen coming.  We are living in the nation the drug culture of the 1960s launched, and the Left, the Democratic Party, has fueled ever since by looking the other way.  We can thank the Democrats for Antifa; no prominent Democrat has yet disavowed the masked and violent group which is arming itself.

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