MassResistance book on LGBT health risks gaining endorsements from physicians and conservative activists

If only more people knew the ugly realities that are laid out in this book from MassResistance… I reviewed it here when it came out and a blurb from my review is included on the MassResistance promo page:

It’s the subject that no one on the Left wants to talk about – and most conservatives are afraid to talk about. But it’s one which must be talked about.

Our groundbreaking MassResistance book, The Health Hazards of Homosexuality,is really getting people’s attention. This month the book was endorsed by two more prominent physicians,  Dr. Michelle Cretella, president of the American College of Pediatricians, and Dr. John Diggs, a prominent internist in Massachusetts. The book also continues to be endorsed by prominent pro-family leaders across the country and discussed in conservative media.

Most important, the book fills a huge void that the medical establishment, the mainstream media, and the popular culture refuse to address. The book documents the vast and shocking medical and psychological health problems surrounding LGBT behavior that are rarely discussed, but commonplace. It brings together research from widely dispersed sources including the federal Centers for Disease Control, medical professional groups, published medical research, media reports, and even LGBT medical groups – and presents it for the reader in clear layman’s terms.

Moreover, it is a tool and information source that is sorely needed by the average person confronted by the overwhelming and aggressive LGBT agenda throughout society.

Physicians recommend the book because it is virtually the only exhaustive compendium available, taken from unimpeachable sources. Moreover, it deals with the fallout from LGBT behaviors as a public health issue.

Activists see the book as the crucial missing piece for parents and citizens confronted by all the school programs, media propaganda, government mandates, corporate intimidation, and everything else that the LGBT agenda controls and pushes. Despite all the media propaganda, the actual scientific data shows that the LGBT lifestyle is anything but stable and healthy.

Here’s the excerpt from my review that they included:

The book is as important as it is difficult to get through. It is the best resource I’ve seen on one of the worst topics in the modern public square… And as important as it is to have the ugly realities included, I can always revisit those pages later should I need to know more…

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