MassResistance: That ‘Gays’ are a Natural ‘Class’ of People is ‘Easily Debunked’

In line with my post of May 13th, here is MassResistance:

The pro-family side accepted the Left’s premises on homosexuality and “gay marriage;” As Ronald Reagan said, “There you go again …”

The major premise of the other side is that “gays” are a natural “class” of people who simply fall in love with those of the same sex. Thus, denying them “marriage” rights constitutes illegal discrimination and cruelly forces them into second-class status. It has become a powerful propaganda device.

Unfortunately, our lawyers have also accepted that premise in all their writings, conversations, and arguments – or at least never refuted it.

But it’s a fiction that is easily debunked with documented facts such as the horrible medical consequences associated with homosexual behavior: numerous diseases, addictions, mental health problems, high rates of domestic violence, lower life expectancy, suicide, damage to children raised in same-sex households, etc. Plus the legitimate point that such behavior is an immoral and unnatural perversion.

But none of that has ever seen the light of day. The pro-family establishment has internalized the idea that any perception of “animus towards gays” (i.e., telling the truth) will alienate the Justices. Of course, the opposite approach has never been tested, so we don’t really know. All we do know is that the cautious strategy has failed time and again.

Read the entire article from MassResistance: “Pro-family arguments at Supreme Court “gay marriage” hearing very frustrating, non-aggressive.”

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