Media still ignoring facts re: climate change

From OneNewsNow:

On June 25, President Barack Obama announced plans to cut U.S. greenhouse gas emissions by 17 percent as a preemptive strike against what he believes to be a growing threat of climate change, while most mainstream media outlets have failed to report research that indicates a decline in global warming.

According to a new report from the Business and Media Institute, the big three broadcast networks –ABC, NBC, CBS — have run 92 stories this year alone promoting the hazards and fears of climate change. And as Julia Seymour, assistant editor of the Institute, tells OneNewsNow, those stories have a lot in common.

Seymour, Julia (MRC)”Not a single one of them mentioned that in recent years, global warming has actually slowed down,” she reports. “It’s puzzling climate scientists. [We] also found that they rely heavily on experts promoting alarmism and barely talked to challenging experts or their studies, and they continue to try to link weather to climate.”

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