Media’s ‘crazy’ attack on Trump is top fail of the week

This latest “fail” is only one of the first we’re going to be witnessing for many years to come. Here is the opening of an op ed by Dan Gainor, the Media Research Center’s Vice President for Business and Culture:

Journalists and pundits claim they to want to tamp down national anger. Then they turn around and push the most dangerous rhetoric I’ve seen in my lifetime – the absurd claim that President Trump is mentally unstable.

Claims about alleged Russian “collusion” with the Trump campaign haven’t succeeded at unseating President Trump, though that was the intention of many journalists.

So the news media used the events in Charlottesville to move on – to racism, blaming President Trump for every real or perceived racial slight in the nation. Essentially, a complete reversal from how they treated President Obama.

Remember, President Obama was a “uniter,” we were told. That meant the racial strife in America’s cities wasn’t blamed on him. Riots in Baltimore and Ferguson weren’t blamed on him. The failure of leaders in many of America’s cities wasn’t blamed on him, even though most of those cities were run by Obama’s own political party – the Democrats.

Baltimore is less than half the distance to Washington that Charlottesville is, and yet the media avoided connecting Baltimore’s problems to Obama in any way.

Now, Trump gets blamed for every bit of racism in America 2017. And that still isn’t enough.

The news media are promoting a far more dangerous assault. This is the centerpiece of the campaign to oust the president. This isn’t resistance. That’s old-fashioned. Now, we have a small group of politicians and media types pushing a claim that Trump needs to go because he suffers from mental illness.

Two senators helped set this nonsense in motion with an “accidental” hot mic moment. Republican Susan Collins of Maine and Democrat Jack Reed of Rhode Island both called  President Trump crazy back in July.

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