Meet Keith Ellison, nominee for DNC chairman

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Before the list of links, here’s the opening of Ed Straker’s November 21, 2016 article at American Thinker titled “Muslim Nationalist Keith Ellison bad news for women, children, gays, golden retrievers“:

As a progressive, Prius-driving, NPR-listening, Birkenstock-wearing, fair trade coffee-buying intellectual, I am constantly concerned about the most vulnerable people in our society.  That’s why I’m terribly concerned about the nomination of Muslim Nationalist Keith Ellison for chairman of the Democratic Party.  If he is appointed chairman, that will send a terrible signal to the most vulnerable people in our community, notably women, children, gays, cocker spaniels, people of color, people without color, climate change activists, transgendered he/she/theys, and even homeless people with persistent body odor.

Keith Ellison has links to the Muslim Brotherhood, the Nation of Islam, and Hamas, through his affiliations with CAIR.  These groups have terrible track records.

Hamas executed one of its own leaders for sexual activity with another man.  Homosexuality carries the death penalty.  That’s a little more serious than refusing to make a cake for a gay wedding, don’t you think?  Hamas not only teaches children to be terrorists from a young age, but actually recruits children to be suicide bombers.  Ellison has spoken at numerous CAIR events, and CAIR is closely linked to Hamas.

As for women, the Muslim Brotherhood supports the subjugation of women, including supporting violence against women and cutting off their clitorises.

Even dogs are not spared this savagery, used as unwilling suicide bombers by Hamas.

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Here are links to other articles and resources — the newer articles are up top (again, I’ll add more as I see them):

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