Memo to the GOP: Here’s How to Win Big This Fall

From Steve Deace — and I’ve embedded the great TV ad he refers to in this:

Strategically, the Republicans should nationalize this election no matter what office they’re running for. Polls show people hate Congress, but almost always re-elect their own incumbents. The same is true on a state level, too. Often the larger narrative in these contests gets lost amid more parochial concerns, such as “so-and-so” is a nice guy, do-gooder, etc. To cut through that, Republicans need to provide voters a sharp contrast that prompts (demands) their response.Here it is:

“My opponent, brought to you by the same people that gave you Obamacare, Common Core, ISIS, and the border crisis.” 

That’s it. Simple, yet powerful. Easy for voters to remember, but not so easy for Democrats to insulate themselves from. A new ad in the Arkansas U.S. Senate race is an example of exactly how to do this

This is what it looks like when conservatives actually want to win. If Republicans don’t receive a mandate on November 4th from voters who are clearly angry/disappointed with Obummer, they’ll only have themselves to blame (again).

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