Men Are Not Women

Here is the title of a recent post by D.C. McAllister: “No, Houston Isn’t Jam-Packed With Bigots.” Here is the introductory sentence: “The New York Times has lost its mind about Houston’s decision to turn down a harmful transgender-preferences law. We shouldn’t lose ours.” Here’s an excerpt from it:

Women simply don’t want their space violated by men, and aren’t women’s rights something we’ve fought long and hard for in this country? Does the safety and privacy of women even matter to The New York Times? The fact is most women don’t want to see their privacy rights sacrificed on the altar of “equality” for men who imagine they’re women despite their bodies proving otherwise.

The New York Times says the only thing transgender students want is to use the bathroom “like any other female student”—but this is the crux of the matter. Men who imagine themselves to be female are not women. They are men who think they’re female—for whatever reason, and we don’t know why they think this.

Is it a chemical problem? A brain development issue? Is it merely psychological? Whatever the problem is, the fact remains that their bodies are male. This is what’s objectively real, not their feelings (and, no, we’re not talking about the miniscule percentage of the population that is truly hermaphroditic).

Whatever you want to call them, they’re not just “like any other female student”; indeed, many, if not most, still have a penis. This is not a hateful or bigoted statement. It’s simply the truth. If we truly care about these people, then we should get them the help they really need instead of leading them along a path of regret.

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