Michele Bachmann at the Border: ‘No One is Stopped When They Try to Come Into the United States’

The Daily Signal has a report up about Congresswoman Michele Bachmann’s recent visit to the U.S. border with Mexico, part of which includes the video below. Here are three short excerpts from the video’s transcript.

“I traveled with Congressman Steve King of Iowa. We felt like we knew a lot about the issue before we went. Our eyes were absolutely opened as to the reality of what’s happening on the border — it is far worse. One thing that people don’t know, I think generally speaking, is that no one is stopped when they try to come into the United States.”

“We can’t take everyone in the world in the United States. We obviously are the most compassionate country in the world — we take more than anyone. But the kindest most compassionate thing that we could do is build our fence, secure our border for the safety the American people. Deport people immediately on the spot. That would stop people — they wouldn’t waste nine thousand dollars to risk a two thousand-mile trip if they knew they were gonna get sent back.”
“Our inaction is furthering the international criminal activity across the border and that has to end. We gotta protect our people.”